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Finca Don Edigio | Costa Rica

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Cinnamon, stewed apples, cloves

Process: Anaerobic fermentation
Varietal: Marsellesa
Producer: Edigio Rodriguez

 Finca don Egidio dates its farm history back to the eighties. Don Egidio is the head of the family where him and his four children are working together. 

This particular lot is an anaerobic fermentation Marsellesa variety. Marsellesa is a hybrid mix of Caturra and Catuai, giving the coffee a crisp apple acidity. 

This lot was a 72h fermentation. They selected the best beans and the best mucilage and that’s where the magic happened. They put it all back together to a fermentation tank for a total of 72h. But just before they closed the tank they added a few cinnamon sticks. 

It is a very unique coffee and when brewed tasted like an applie pie.