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Sakicha | Ethiopia

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Turkish delight, mango, papaya

Process: Extended  Fermentation Natural
Varietal: 74110 & 74112
Producer: Multiple smallholders 

Established in 2020, the Sakicha Station is located in the Sakicha Village, District of Bule Hora, in West Guji (Oromia region).


  • Owner & Export Manager: Asnake Kasa
  • Station Manager: Gosaye Tilahun

One of the main characteristics of this washing station is that it is located on the higher altitude of Sakicha village in infamous Guji region. The altitude combined with the its ideal weather temperatures make it the perfect place to be producing quality coffee with local farmers.

At the station, there are 14 fermentation tanks, and coffees are fermented for 72 hours! Drying takes a further 18 days. This extended natural process brings out a creamy funky profile with mango and papaya notes. Think Turkish delight!