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Finca La Pradera | Colombia

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Strawberry, cherry, honey

Process: Red berry infused anaerobic fermentation 
Varietal: Castillo
Producer: Jairo Arcila


This special red berries infused fermentation lot is sourced from producer Felipe Archila and his farm Finca La Pradera. 

La Pradera is a 16 hectare estate with 12ha dedicated to coffee production. The farm is located in Armenia, Quindio and sits at an altitude of 1,600masl.

This lot was processed using a combination of anaerobic fermentation with added wine yeast and red berries along with the honey method. 

This coffee utilises a combination of anaerobic fermentation and the honey method. First, ripe cherries are hand-selected, de-pulped and then undergo a 72-hour anaerobic fermentation in plastic tanks with cinnamon sticks. CO2 is added to displace the oxygen, creating an anoxic environment.

After fermentation the coffee is dried, with the mucilage still intact, on raised African beds along with the cinnamon sticks. Shade is utilised to manage the temperature below 35°C until they reach the ideal humidity level (12%).