Our Story

Originally set up in 2014, Full Circle started out roasting on a small 5kg 1963, Probat L5. We grew organically. Full Circle’s subsequent success enabled the company to establish its own larger micro roastery on Grantham Place, just behind Camden Street in May 2018. From their impressive 400 sq. metre base, housed in a former horse stables on Grantham Place, using their impressive state-of-the-art Probat Probatone L12 Roaster, Owner David and Louise with Head Roaster Natalia Grabowska and the roasting team have the capacity to roast over 1 ton of specialty coffee each week. 

The Full Circle Coffee Roastery is in full operation five days a week and is open for people to view the roastery and pick up a bag of coffee to enjoy at home.. 

In addition to the roastery, David, and his wife & business partner, Louise, also own and operate several specialty coffee shop’s including Ebb & Flow in Clontarf, Ebb & Flow on Camden Street, and Sligo’s Milligram Coffee, all of which serve a selection of Full Circle’s coffees. Across these locations and the roastery, they manage a team of twenty full-time staff.

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